Configuring Your GoDaddy Hosted Website Domain

If you have a domain name purchased from a registrar other than click here for further configuration instructions.

SnapRetail does not host domain names or email domain name (Example: for email hosting. SnapRetail only hosts the content of your website. 

In order to have your domain connect to your SnapRetail website, you must forward your domain as well as add a CNAME Record to your DNS Settings.

We recommend you reach out to the domain host’s customer support to learn how to find and edit DNS Settings for your domain name. If your email is hosted through your domain name, editing records could disrupt your email service. Please contact the domain host to make sure your service is not interrupted while configuring your website domain name.

Editing the CNAME Record

CNAME Record

To edit the CNAME Record, find this record in your DNS Settings or DNS Manager. Click edit and change the values so they match the information below. If there are any other options than those listed, they will likely remain the same.



Points to

CNAME Record


 Note: If you are a SnapRx subscriber, the value you enter for "Points to" will be:


In the domain settings, find the option for Forwarding and select “Manage”.


You will then click Add Forwarding.


In the Add Forwarding box, add your URL ( and nothing else. All other values should stay the same. Click Add.


Login to your SnapRetail account and go to your Website Tab. Under the Website URL section, add your domain by clicking “edit” and adding your URL to the first line.


If domain configuration is done correctly, your CNAME Information will be verified with a green checkmark.





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