Send Emails from Your Domain

All emails are sent from a address masked with your business name as the sender.  If you wish for emails to be sent from your privately owned domain, such as, follow these steps:

  1.  Login to your domain manager and edit your DNS Records.
  2. Look for a TXT Record. If one does not exist, you will need to add it. If one does exist, you will edit it.


ADD TXT Record

  1. Choose ADD or Create Record (May also be called a Zone Record).
  2. Fill information in to match the following:

Type: TXT Record

Host: Domain Name (Example:

TXT Value: v=spf1 mx ~all

TTL: 1 hour



  1. Find TXT Record and click Edit
  2. Add the value after existing include value and before the ~all value.

Here’s a sample record to show you where you will add



3. After following these steps, please contact us at with your Business Name, Domain Name, and the email address you would like to send from (example:

We will check your TXT record to make sure it is edited properly and update your account sending information.

If you have any questions about editing your TXT record, please reach out to us at

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