Understanding and managing unsubscribes

You can find all of your unsubscribed email addresses by navigating to the Customers section in your SnapRetail account. On the left, under Customers of Note you'll find all of the email addresses that have unsubscribed, but are still in the system. You can also see which email addresses have unsubscribed from an individual email campaign by navigating to the Reports section. Once an email address unsubscribes we no longer to send to that email address. If the email address would be deleted and re-added it would still be in an unsubscribed state.

We recommend to delete unsubscribed email addresses from SnapRetail and delete them or mark them as unsubscribed in your POS or other system you use to manage your email address contacts.

The customer can re-subscribe through the SnapRetail email collection form on your Facebook page or website.

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