Common upload errors and how to fix them

Some common problems with data that may cause a spreadsheet not to upload could include:

  • If email addresses are in more than one column you may experience a problem. In this case you would need to upload the spreadsheet twice. The first time select one of the columns as the email address and leave the other column blank and the second time select the other column that has email addresses and leave the other blank
  • Make sure any field that has numbers include those numbers in a consistent format for each number in that field. For example, phone numbers, zip codes, and dates should all be in a consistent format.
    • If you feel it is not necessary to upload those columns, delete them from your spreadsheet and re-save your spreadsheet before uploading.
  • Make sure all of your data is on the first tab of your spreadsheet. The system will only recognize and upload data on the first tab.
  • If you still receive an error please try copying & pasting the data into a new spreadsheet, save the new spreadsheet and try to upload the new spreadsheet.
  • If you are receiving an error trying to upload the file as a .CSV, resave the spreadsheet as an Excel Workbook (.xls or .xlsx) and try the upload again.
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