Rescheduling a Facebook or Twitter post after it fails

First, please ensure the social account in question is still correctly linked under your My Account section. 

  • Navigate to My Account. The My Account section is found by clicking on the icon at the top right-hand corner (silhouette of a person), click Account.
  • Once in My Account, scroll down to Email & Social Media Accounts. Click Connect under Facebook or Twitter and follow the instructions to connect to your page. For Facebook, keep in mind that you will need to log in to your personal profile to give permission to SnapRetail to connect to your business page as the administrator.

If the failed account is still showing as successfully linked, often disconnecting and reconnecting will refresh the connection and will prevent future errors.

After ensuring your social account is correctly connected, navigate to the Social tab of your account. Click the My Facebook or My Twitter tab and click Retry on the campaign that failed to post to resend it immediately. Any future social posts that you have scheduled will send on their specific dates and times.


If a Pinterest Pin fails to post, you must recreate the pin on the calendar in order attempt again.

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