Uploading customers from a spreadsheet

  • Navigate to Customers in your SnapRetail account.
  • Click Add Customers at the top of the Customers & Lists tab.

  • Choose Import Customers under Add Customers From a Spreadsheet 

Important Note:  In order to upload your customer list, your spreadsheet must be in one of these formats:  .xls, .xlsx, .csv or .txt.

Step 1

  • Select a file to import 
  • Find the list on your computer and open.

Step 2

  • Review SnapRetail’s Permission-Based Marketing Policy then Agree to continue.

Step 3

  • For each column of your spreadsheet, select the field from the dropdown that corresponds to the data in the column. This will ensure that the fields from your spreadsheet correspond to appropriate fields in SnapRetail.
    • If the first row of your spreadsheet contain column headers click "Yes" for First row is a header row.

    • If there is no corresponding field match for a particular column or if you don’t want to import a particular column, simply leave the selection blank.
    • You also have the ability to include up to 5 custom fields (custom fields cannot be renamed).
    • For example, in the column containing emails, select Email Address from the drop-down box.

    • Once you’ve matched all of your columns of information, click the forward arrow to proceed.

Step 4

  • You may receive some Warnings/Errors.
    • If you would like to view the Specific Warning/Errors click Export Errors

    • Otherwise, click "Yes" for “Ignore any invalid information and import customers anyway.”

    • Click the forward arrow to proceed.

Step 5

  • Add your customer data to an existing distribution list by checking the box next to the list you would like to add to.

  • You also have the ability to add your customer data to a new list. Click the + sign to create a new email list.

    • Name your new list click DONE.

    • You can create as many email lists as you want.
  • Click the forward facing arrow to proceed.

Step 6

  • By sending a verification email, your customers will be required to verify their consent to receive emails by clicking a link in the email. If they do not verify, you will not be able to send any additional emails to them. If you already have proof of consent, or you do not wish to have SnapRetail retain this consent, you should NOT send a verification email. SnapRetail will only allow ONE verification email to be sent to each email address.

  • Once you select your option, click Complete

  • If you have a Welcome email set up you will have the option to send the welcome email to these email addresses you just uploaded.
    • Click Send Welcome Emails or Do Not Send then click Complete.


Step 7

  • The following window will present:
    • # of new customers added to your SnapRetail account
    • # of customers that were already in the system
    • # of customers that were previously deleted and now reactivated

  • Click the envelope icon to navigate to the Email tab and select a template or you can also upload another file by clicking on the left and right arrows icon from this window.


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