Editing or deleting a post once it is on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest page

Once a post is completed you would need to edit it directly on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Below are instructions to help you delete or edit a post directly on each social network.


  • Find the post you want to edit or delete on your business page.
  • Click the downward facing arrow in the upper right.

  • Click Edit Post or Delete From Page.

  • Click Delete to confirm.


  • Find the tweet you want to delete on your Twitter profile.
  • Click the ... in the lower right.

  • Click Delete Tweet.

  • Click Delete to confirm.



  • To edit an individual pin hover over that pin on your Pinterest page and click the pencil icon. To delete the pin completely select Delete Pin after clicking on the pencil icon.

  • To edit or delete a board, navigate to that board on Pinterest and click Edit Board. To delete the board click the Delete Board button after you click Edit Board.

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