Use Personalization Strings in an Email

You can include personalization strings (also known as merge tags or dynamic text) to any of the body text within an email and to the email subject line. These personalization strings will reflect the information provided in the Customers section.

  • Use the text widget to add a personalization string.
  • Type in any of the following personalization string(s) into the copy of the email.
    • %%first_name%%
    • %%last_name%%
    • %%salutation%%
    • %%custom_1%%
    • %%custom_2%%
    • %%custom_3%%
    • %%custom_4%%
    • %%custom_5%%
    • %%main_phone%%
    • %%mobile_phone%%
    • %%birth_date_month%%
    • %%birth_date_day%%
    • %%event_date%%
    • %%event_type%%
    • %%contact_email%%
  • If a customer does not have information in the specific field, the string will appear blank when sent.
    • Example: A first name is not listed for a customer.  If you write the copy as
      "Hi %%first_name%%,"  The customer will see:  "Hi ,"

Important Note:  The personalization strings must follow exactly what is above in order to be displayed correctly in your customer’s inbox. The personalization strings will not appear when sending a test email.

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