Reaching your Send Limit

You can find your send limit along with the percentage of sends you have used in the My Account section. The My Account section is found by clicking on the icon at the top right hand corner (silhouette of a person), click Account, then scroll down to the Manage Subscription section.

Your send limit replenishes on your subscription renewal date. If you need to send an email prior to your renewal date, you have 3 options:

1. Renew your subscription early. This will change your annual renewal date, but replenish your full amount of sends for the year. This option may be good if your renewal date is in the near future.

2. Add sends to your account. You can add 250,000 sends for $200. Unused sends do not roll over when your subscription is renewed. This option is probably best if you think you can use the 250,000 sends before your renewal date. 

3. Check out our newest pricing and subscription offers. Our newer subscription offers do not limit by sends, but rather by your total number of customers. This may be a good offer for you if you have a small customer list but send a lot of emails. 

Please contact us at 877-459-7627 or email us at for more information.

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