Email addresses in Verification Pending

When an email address is entered using the Facebook Email Collection Form or Website Email Collection Form or "Yes" is selected on the Send Verification Email option when adding customers one-at-a-time or uploading a spreadsheet a verification email is sent to each email address. These email addresses remaining in Pending Verification have yet to accept the verification email. After accepting, they will be automatically added to your account for sending. Click here to see what the verification email looks like.

You can find these email addresses by clicking on Customers on the top navigation and click Verification Pending under Customers of Note on the left.

Below is an example of the email the recipient will receive. The subject line will read Please Confirm Your Email SignUp to %%!account_organization%%. (%%!account_organization%% will be replaced with your business name that you entered on your Account page). You can find statistics for this email by clicking on Reports on the top navigation and then click Auto-Responders.

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