Finding customers who are not on a list

Customers may be saved to your SnapRetail without being added to an email list. These can include customers that sign up to your mailing list from the Facebook page and/or Website data collection form as well as customers you add one at a time. You can easily find those that are not on a list and add them to the appropriate one.

  • Navigate to the Customers tab.
  • Under Customers of Note, click on Not On A List.
  • Customers that do not belong to an email list will display on the right.
  • You can either add customers to a list one at a time or in bulk.
    • One at a time – Click the pencil icon next to the customer, check the email list from the bottom of the page and Save.

    • Bulk – Check the box at the top of the list to select all customers, click Add to Email Lists from the top, check the list(s) or create a new one from the text box and Save. 

  • When all customers are added to a list you will see Not On A List (0).
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