The dates/phone numbers/addresses are defaulting to blue while viewing on your mobile device/tablet

If you are viewing an email on certain devices, applications within that device may recognize dates, addresses and phone numbers in that email. When the device recognizes a date, address, or phone number it may automatically create a, clickable hyperlink (typically in blue), so when the user clicks, the date can be added to a calendar, the address can be brought up on a GPS or map app, or the phone number can be added to the contact book on the device. This typically occurs on smartphones or tablets. The color of the link is out of your control and out of SnapRetail’s control and is being determined by the device is it viewed on. Keep in mind only recipients viewing the email on specific mobile devices with those settings turned on will see it this way. To others not on these specific mobile devices the date, addresses and phone numbers will appear in the font and color you selected when creating the email.


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