Track email links with Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics ID to your SnapRetail My Account Profile to track traffic to your website from links in your emails. Please click this link for instructions on finding your Google Analytics ID.

  • Navigate to your profile > My Account section by clicking on the silhouette icon at the top right hand corner and then select Account.

  • Scroll down to the Email & Social Media Accounts section and enter your Google Analytics ID. Then, click the Save My Settings button at the top or bottom of the page.

  • When you are scheduling your email check the box Track links with Google Analytics

  • UTM tracking is generated automatically. You can filter in your Google Analytics account by the following to get information on traffic coming to your website from your email links.
  • utm_source=Subject Line
    • Ex: Spring+open_house+this+Friday
  • utm_medium=email
  • utm_campaign=CampaignName+Date
    • Ex: Get+Outside_05_25_2016



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