Font Information For Email

We have 12 Basic Fonts to use in an email that are commonly installed on a majority of devices. 

Basic Fonts:

  • Arial
  • Brush Script M7
  • Comic Sans
  • Copperplate
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Lucida Sans Unicode
  • Papyrus
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

We have 24 other fonts to use in an email that may be installed on a lesser number of devices. For a font to be seen by the individual viewing the email they must have that font installed on their device (computer, phone, tablet, mail program, etc). If they do not have that font installed they will see Backup 1. If they do not have Backup 1 installed, they will see Backup 2, etc.

Other Fonts with backups:

Font Backup 1 Backup 2 Backup 3 Backup 4 Backup 5 Backup 6 Backup 7 Backup 8 Backup 9
Andale Mono ​monospace                
Arial Black ​arial ​sans-serif              
Arial Narrow ​arial ​sans-serif              
Arial MT Condensed Light ​arial narrow ​arial ​sans-serif            
Book Antiqua ​georgia ​serif              
Calibri ​candara ​segoe ​segoe ui ​optima ​arial ​sans-serif      
Cambria ​georgia ​serif              
Candara ​calibri ​segoe ​segoe ui ​optima ​arial ​sans-serif      
Century Gothic ​itc avant garde ​arial ​helvetica ​sans-serif          
Consolas ​lucida console ​courier new ​monospace            
Constantia ​lucida bright ​lucidabright ​lucida serif ​lucida ​dejavu serif ​bitstream vera serif ​liberation serif ​georgia ​serif
Corbel ​lucida grande ​lucida sans unicode ​lucida sans ​dejavu sans ​bitstream vera sans ​liberation sans ​verdana ​verdana ref sans-serif
Franklin Gothic Medium ​franklin gothic ​itc franklin gothic ​arial ​sans-serif          
French Script MT ​brush script mt ​brushscript bt ​cursive            
Garamond ​baskerville ​baskerville old face ​hoefler text ​times new roman ​serif        
Haettenschweiler ​franklin gothic bold ​charcoal ​helvetica inserat ​bitstream vera sans bold ​arial black ​sans-serif      
Helvetica ​sans-serif                
Impact ​haettenschweiler ​franklin gothic bold ​charcoal ​helvetica inserat ​bitstream vera sans bold ​arial black ​sans-serif    
Lucida Console ​lucida sans typewriter ​monaco ​bitstream vera sans mono ​monospace          
Lucida Grande ​lucida sans unicode ​lucida sans ​geneva ​verdana ​sans-serif        
Palatino ​palatino linotype ​palatino lt std ​book antiqua ​georgia ​serif        
Segoe Print ​comic sans ms ​arial ​sans-serif            
Segoe UI ​frutiger ​frutiger linotype ​dejavu sans ​helvetica neue ​arial ​sans-serif      
Sylfaen ​book antiqua ​times new roman ​times ​serif          


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