Getting started with building your SnapRetail website

There are a few different options to navigate to your website creation page.

  • Navigate to your website by choosing the Website tab at the top of your SnapRetail account
  • From the Dashboard click on the “Let’s Get Started” button under Create & Schedule Updates to Your SnapRetail Website  


Navigate to  Profile > My Account and choose the Manage Website button 


From the main Website page  you can do the following:

  • Turn your website on for the public, or off

  • View your website as it would appear to the public

  • Click Website Pages to view, edit, rearrange, add, or delete navigation or non-navigation pages.

  • Add HTML snippets (that will be rendered on all active pages for your website)

  • Add Tracking Events (events that are tracked on all active pages for your website, typically used in conjunction with the Facebook Pixel)

  • Add or change your layout and/or theme
  • Add or change your Favicon

  • Customize your website account settings, such as domain name, Google Analytics, and set up website SEO tools.


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