Editing a page

  • To edit an existing custom page or your home page click on Website on the top navigation bar, then click Website Pages.

  • Click on the page you would like to edit.

  • Scroll down and click on the pencil icon next to:
  • Current Page: This will allow you to edit the current page as it is in it's current state. This is typically what you will use when editing.

  • Blank Page: This will erase the current page and allow you to start from scratch

  • Latest Draft: This will allow you to continue working on a draft that you started, but never published.

  • You will then make edits to your page following the normal page creation steps. For more articles related to building your pages please click here
  • Please note that you cannot edit any pre-created pages indicated by the red icons. For more about changing or adding onto those pages please click here.

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