Email Status Definitions: Pending, Processing, Completed, etc.

When you schedule an email it goes through several steps before it is sent to all email addresses. At the time your email is scheduled we will begin to process your email along with others that are scheduled at that time. In the Reports section you will see your email go through the following stages:

1. Pending: The email is scheduled and will move to step 2 at the time it is scheduled for.

2. Preprocessing: In this step, we perform validation steps and prepare your email for distribution. The email can no longer be cancelled at this point.

3. Ready To Process: Preparation is completed and emails are ready to be sent.

4. Processing: Your email is currently being delivered. When this is successfully finished you will see the status changed to Completed.

5. Completed: Your email has been sent to all deliverable email addresses.

Other stages you may see:

Error: The email failed and could not be sent to any email addresses.

Partially Completed: One or more emails could not be sent at this time. Please contact us at 877-459-7627 for more information. 

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