Summary of Smart Calendar Changes 1/25/2017

On January 25, 2017 we introduced the Smart Calendar as an update to our existing Calendar. Below is a summary of what has changed:

Idea Bar replaced with suggestions directly on the Calendar: The idea bar is no longer on the left of the calendar. Ideas are now called suggestions and are placed directly on a day in the calendar. These suggestions can be toggled on or off. Suggestions are not completed posts and need to be edited for them to actually go out on the desired social media channel. No longer will you need to look up fun holidays like National Popcorn Day to see when they are. They will be on the Calendar for you on that specific day. You'll also now find suggestions for not only Facebook, Twitter, and Email, but Pinterest too. Just jump into any month and the Calendar will be filled with suggestions for you to select from!

Adding items to the Calendar: Previously, you had to click the plus sign on a day on the Calendar to create a post, email or event. That has been removed. Now clicking anywhere on a day will give you the same options. There is also a "Create" button in the upper left that will list the same options. In the week or day view, clicking on a specific hour will give you the create options as well. This makes the Calendar easier to use on any device.

Calendar Views: Calendar view options are listed on the upper left side of the calendar. View options include month, week, week list, day and day list. This makes it easier to visualize your marketing plan in whichever way suits you. These additional views make the Calendar more printer-friendly than it has ever been.

Quick Links: On the calendar, selecting the day number will link you to that day view. Clicking the arrow to the left of each week will take you to week view in the calendar. In week view you can select a specific date and that will also take you to day view.

Separated email and social posts: Previously, if an email was scheduled with a Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest post, the campaign would show as a single entry on the calendar. Now, each of those mediums will show as a separate entry on the calendar.

Re-sizable store events: Since "Store Events" are created with an end time, you can now drag the bottom edge of a store event entry to increase or decrease its duration, when viewing the Week or Day views where time slots are visible.

New filters location: The toggle calendar filters (Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) have been moved to the left of the calendar. On the left of the calendar you will also find toggles for Snap Suggestions (previously called ideas), Snap events and the option to print or grab the iCal links.

We hope you like the new features! Please send feedback to

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