Exporting customers from another program to import into SnapRetail

Follow the instructions below to export your email addresses from another program. Then, follow the instructions under “Adding Customers” to import your list into SnapRetail. If you don’t see the program listed that your email addresses are stored in give us a call at 877-459-7627 and we can help!

Important Note:  Be sure to only export active customers. Do not import customers into SnapRetail who have previously unsubscribed from your email communications. If you would like customers who have previously unsubscribed in another program to also be unsubscribed in SnapRetail please contact us at 877-459-7627 or email us at for instructions.

AOL Mail Account:

  • Contacts Tab – On Left Side Bar
  • Tools – Top Bar
  • Export – From Drop Down List from Tools
  • File Type 1. Comma Separated Value (CSV) or Tab Delimited Text (TXT) will both work
  • Choose CSV
  • Save – Click Save
  • Choose Where You Would Like to Save it On Your Computer – Desktop
  • Save
  • Now it is Saved in an Excel Sheet and Can Be Uploaded into SnapRetaiL

Constant Contact

  • Contacts on left
  • Click on the Email list you’d like to Export on the left (or click Active Contacts)
  • Click the checkbox next to “Name” to check all of the contacts
  • Export
  • Select the information you’d like to export
  • Export contacts
  • Download CSV (on banner near top)

The Edge POS

  • Go to Customers
  • Click on Find
  • In the “Email” field type: =any
  • Click on the three boxes that say “primary”
  • Go

Alternatively, use the SnapRetail-The Edge integration using the steps found here.


  • Click on “Gmail” with arrow at top left
  • Click Contacts
  • Click on “More” on left
  • Export
  • (If you receive a message to go to Old Contacts proceed there)
  • Select your list to export on the left
  • Click check box
  • Click More
  • Export
  • Select the contacts you want to Export
  • Choose Outlook CSV and then hit Export

Hallmark Store Manager (POS)

  • Go to File Maintenance
  • Customer Tracking
  • Reports/Label/Export Data
  • Enter the date range of customers you would like to export or leave blank to export all
  • Check email/opt-in email
  • Report/Export
  • A customer tracking report will come up
  • Hit Export
  • A warning message will come up, just hit ok
  • A screen will come up asking you to insert a disk. Simply click Cancel to save to your computer.


  • Click on “Lists” on top navigation
  • Click on the list you want to export
  • Click on Export list
  • Export as CSV

Microsoft Outlook

  • File
  • Import and Export
  • NEXT
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Select “Contacts” from list
  • Name your file whatever you want
  • NEXT
  • Finish


  • Go to “Reports”
  • Choose “Customers & Receivables”
  • On that menu, choose “Customer Contact List”
  • Customize the report. Check Email Address. Check or uncheck any other fields.
  • Click, “Excel” and choose “Create New Worksheet”

Yahoo Mail

  • Click on the Contacts icon at the top left
  • Click on Actions (in middle)
  • Export
  • Yahoo CSV
  • Export Now

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