Adding a video to an email

  • Drag and drop the Video widget into your email to begin editing.

  • Click the blank Video widget to add your video. 

  • Type the URL for the location your video is hosted in the Video Link field. 

    • If you are using one of the four main video players (YouTube, Vine, Vimeo or Vzaar), we’ll pull in the image preview for you.
    • If you are not using one of the four that are supported you can still paste in the URL and use your own thumbnail by clicking on the Select Custom button.
    • *Please note that the video must be hosted on a video sharing website; the file cannot be uploaded directly to SnapRetail.

  • Click in the Video Caption box to add text below the video. Click in the box to reveal the WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get). 

  • Navigate to Widget Background to change the background color of your text.
  • Select a color or add your own custom color by entering the hex # in the text box.
  • To remove the color select No Color.
  • Select Done to save.

  • Click an option under Video Ratio to select the appropriate ratio for your video.

  • Click Complete to finish.
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