Scheduling a single Pin to Pinterest

  • Please note: To schedule to Pinterest your SnapRetail account must be connected to your Pinterest account. For more information on connecting your account please click here and scroll down to the Pinterest section.
  • Navigate to the Calendar
  • Click on any day that you would like to schedule the pin for
  • Select Quick Social

  • Enter a Calendar Title. The Calendar Title is just for your reference and will not be seen by your customers.

  • If you have other social media networks connected that you do not want to post this to you can uncheck those networks.

  • Click the icon to add an image

  • Type in the Board Name to create a new board.

  • Type in a Board Description.

    • Alternatively, select an existing board from the dropdown menu.

  • Type in a Pin Website URL or leave blank.

  • Type in a Pin Description.

  • Select a Day & Time you like the pin to appear on Pinterest.

  • Click Create

  • You'll be redirected to the Calendar where you will find the pin on your Calendar color-coded in red.


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